List of Quintonians serving in 1944

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Aubrey Road
Balden Road
Beech Avenue
Bent Avenue
Beverley Court Road
Birdlip Grove
Bissell Street
Blandford Road, Pennard Grove and Ely Grove
Bolney Road
Brookman's Avenue
Clive Road
Clydesdale Road
College Road
Conway Avenue
Court Oak Road, Grove and Whitefields Avenue
Dufton Road
Edenhall Road
Firsby Road
Glyn Road
Glyn Farm Road
Glynside Avenue
Gorsey Road
Grayswood Park Road
Hagley Road West
Higgins Lane
Highfield Lane and Newburn Croft
High Street
Hunslet Road
Lower White Road
Lygon Grove
Lyncroft Grove
Max Road
Meadow Road
Middle Meadow Avenue
Norman Avenue
Overdale Road
Pinner Grove
Queen's Park Road
Quinton Lane
Quinton Road West
Ridgacre Road
Stanfield Road
Stanley Avenue
Stoney Lane
Tedstone Road
Tennall Lane
Tennall Road
The Lindens
Trevanie Avenue
Upper Meadow Road
West Boulevard
White Road (North)
White Road (South)
Whitley Court Road
Wilmington Road
Wolverhampton Road
Woodhouse Road
Wood Lane
World's End Avenue
World's End Lane


These details are extracted from the Roll of Honour published in the 'Programme of Events' for Harborne and Quinton Ward during 'Salute the Soldier Week', June 1944. Acknowledgements are due Mr R Voaden, Mr and Mrs Leslie Tye and the printers, G H Rowley and Son, Willenhall. The original list was much longer than this since it included service personnel from both parts of the ward. Service men and women with addresses in the present Quinton B32 postal area are included here but only if they appeared on the 1944 Roll of Honour. Mention is not necessarily made of those who served at other times.

It should be noted (a) that the Roll of Honour did not distinguish between the two Wood Lanes in the area, or between High Street, Quinton and High Street, Harborne, (b) that some roads straddle the border (Court Oak Road for instance is partly B32, but also in B17, again with no distinction, so that a few of the people named may have lived just outside Quinton in fact and (c) that Harborne and Quinton Ward of course excluded areas of the parish outside Birmingham. In short this is not, and cannot be, an exhaustive list.

Again this section is a part of the chapter Quintonians at War" from A N Rosser's book, 'Quinton and Round About-Vol.II'. The society is indebted to Tony for giving his permission for its inclusion on the website. The society intends to add names to the Roll of Honour on a regular basis, including where possible a photograph of the person. Again the success and accuracy of the Roll of Honour depends on the public. With your help we can make this section a fitting tribute to those who served their country.

If you have any information or would like a member of your family included please contact Bernard Taylor

Note : At some time in the future, a list of abbreviations will appear on this page.

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