A Barrage Balloon was tethered near Green Lane

by Sheila Joyner

My father as a boy worked at this butchers, he delivered on foot carrying a basket of meat from the shop through the fields up to Warley House, which I believe he said was by the Water Tower in Castle Road East. He, his brothers and sisters attended Quinton Church of England School. Ernest Charles, his brother, was killed in 1916, somewhere in France. His name appears on the memorial plaque in the church commemorating all those who gave their lives in the First World War. Also his mother and sister are buried in the cemetery at the church. I have a medal awarded to my aunt, Winifred Charles, for unbroken school attendance 1905-1906 at the Quinton National School.

During the war, a barrage balloon was tethered in a field situated in Green Lane/Ridgacre Lane and Ridgacre Road on the site of the Post Office Sorting Depot. At the end of the war, when servicemen were moved off the site, the Nissen huts were taken over by squatters. I believe this was one way of getting priority for a council house when they became available. During the war Corporation buses were parked overnight on the hill of Ridgacre Road down towards Worlds End Lane, which at that time was only a one track unfinished lane, to avoid any direct bombing on the garages and destroying the vehicles.

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