My sister was always a brave soul

by Eileen Lee (nee Clark)

During the war my sister was always a brave soul, especially with the incendiary bombs. You had this long-handled shovel and a bucket of sand. It was so ridiculous really. We were told that if an incendiary bomb came down outside the house in the road, to take off the lid from the dustbin and place it over the bomb. I can't believe we were told to do this, and even more so that we actually did it. When I think about it we must have been quite mad. The chap next door was quite kind and because we were all women, no men they were all at war after a raid he would come in to see if we were alright. One day they must have thought that the Odeon cinema was a factory and they dropped a string of incendiaries. Well one went through the bedroom ceiling and my sister not to be daunted dashes upstairs with her long handled shovel, scoops it up and throws it out through the window. Well! Just at that moment the man next door, Mr Hillyard, was walking through the gate to check if we were alright, just as this incendiary bomb flew past him. The air was quite blue, as he cried, "that's bloody marvellous, that is; come to check if you are alright and you throw a bomb at me!"

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