I found a German medal lying in the grass

by W Price

I'm an old Quintonian, who lived in Newburn Croft off Highfield Lane. When I was 11 in 1954, I was playing cricket with tennis rackets in the fields opposite to where we lived.

I found a German medal lying in the grass and being a well trained young lad took it home to my Dad who said, "You'd better take it to the Police Station and see if anyone claims it.

I thought it might have been dropped by the German pilot who was on a bombing raid over Quinton and heading, almost certainly, to Birmetals, to hit the sheet aluminium factory, which had a vital part to play in the war effort. No one claimed it, so out of curiosity off I went to the Museum and Art Gallery in Birmingham. They didn't know anything about it but sent it off to the Imperial War Museum in London for identification.

Eventually it returned identified, as a Nazi Germany war decoration awarded to foreigners for distinguished service in the war on behalf of the Third Reich.

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