We formed a Pig Club

by Vivienne Harris

My parents moved to Apsley Road in June 1939, just before the outbreak of World War II.

I was just five years old. Because of the outbreak of war, all building of houses stopped abruptly, and there were still fields and farmland opposite our house. The road was unmade, just yellow gravel with blue bricks poking through. I never seemed to have my knees free from scratches and bruises. We did, however, have pavements, where we spent hours playing hopscotch.

Anderson shelters were dug in the gardens and we kept three chickens in a pen to get eggs.

At the back of the houses was a piece of rough ground which was turned into allotments and a group of residents from Apsley Road and Kingsway joined together to form a pig club. Three or four sties were built to house the pigs and a shed to house the boiler for brewing the pig swill and a dry place to store the straw for bedding. My father had a motorbike and sidecar, which he used to collect scraps from the householders who were encouraged to use the bins, which were placed in the right-of-ways between the roads. He was allocated a special petrol coupon allowance for this. The site is still there and is used for allotments to this day - called Tinkers Farm Allotment Association.

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