Rabbits were on Ration

by Horace Wilson

We always went on a Saturday to Birmingham Market to buy chickens and rabbits. During the war rabbits were on ration, if we didn't get rabbits we would have no meat. Sometimes she was lucky and would get her rabbits from Nelson Moore in Blackheath.

Food was on ration but my grandfather Everton kept pigs in Nimmings Road, so we always had a bit of pork; also we had home made beer. The beer was made at Nimmings Road, very sweet but when she went to Hookbarn Road she had to have a licence, so that finished. Granddad would sometimes put a red-hot poker in the beer and make it ginger.

When the zeppelins came over during the war, they shut down the furnaces and the brickworks, so the glows would not go into the sky, I left the house and went to see a neighbour, I call him Granddad Smith, I saw the zeppelin go over and drop a bomb, he tried to get the railway station and the tunnel.

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