Aerial Warfare over Quinton
The Rudolf Müller Story
Heinkel Crash at Hales Lane - E R Wilson
The Quinton Raid
I found a German medal - W. Price
Two German pilots were captured - Lawrence Basterfield
Barrage Balloon near Green Lane - Sheila Joyner
An Interview with Lucy Dearn, Joan Clay and Lawrence Basterfield
Bert Whent worked in the Old Burial Ground - Sheila Joyner
An interview with John Birch
An interview with Clive Davies
An Interview with Irene Devereux, Bryan Palser and Bill Deeley
During the War - Denis Colclough
Father had been at the Somme - Eileen Lee
Hair Care - Charlotte Tate
Stories from Gladys Jones
Knights in shining armour - Charlotte Tate
Life at Quinton C of E School - Charlotte Tate
Life in a wartime Grocery Shop - Clive Davies
Mother became a Salvage Officer - Charlotte Tate
My sister was a brave soul - Eileen Lee
Wartime memories - Nora Hyett
One man went to mow - Bryan Palser
A Story of One Quinton Evacuee - Stella Linnington
Passages from "The Quinton and Round About" - A.N. Rosser
Quinton's Home Guard
Rabbits were on Ration - Horace Wilson
REME Camp - Marjorie Berry
Street lamps were turned off - Charlotte Tate
The squeal of the pig - Charlotte Tate
The Rocket Launcher - Clive Davies
War Memories - D. Timms
Wartime on the other side of the Road - Marjorie Berry (nee Phillips)
Wartime Visitors - Charlotte Tate
A Wartime Washing Day - Charlotte Tate
We formed a Pig Club - Vivienne Harris
We queued for bananas - Brian Palser
Welsh House Farm was a POW Camp - John Birch
Wartime Log Book of Woodhouse Road Infants School - Bill Yates
You will say you saw Coventry burn - Gladys Jones
A Wartime Christmas Memory - Charlotte Tate
Dig for Victory - Charlotte Tate