Mother became the Salvage Officer for our road

by Charlotte Tate

Housewives had to return to work, whether they wanted to or not. My mother and others like her who had small children or babies, were not expected to work, but were given work to do at home. My mother became the Salvage officer for our road. Large sacks were delivered to our house and hooked over the fence beside our drive. All the neighbours would deposit their waste paper and cardboard into these sacks. We were given a large, white painted tin. This was delivered and kept on our front door step. It was a bone tin. The neighbours had to deposit their meat bones in this tin. I do not know what these bones were used for, but all this "salvage" was collected twice a week.

New, clean, shiny dustbins were put at intervals all down the road. Left over food of every description was to be put in these bins. We were told that these leftovers were boiled up and fed to the pigs.

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