The Quinton at War Project

by Bernard Taylor

Quinton Local History Society recently visited 'Eden Camp' at Malton in Yorkshire. The camp is a museum dedicated to the many conflicts that have taken place in the world over the years. During World War II it was a prisoner of war camp. Later an entrepreneur whose hobby was collecting military memorabilia purchased it. The site consists of 32 Nissen huts, each having a theme. Many are dedicated to those who lost their lives. Most of the huts evoke memories for those who lived in those dark days of our past. One purpose of the site is to educate our children, attempting to create the need for visual history. It is vital that future generations should be taught the importance of the contributions made by our country's men and women. It is a fitting tribute to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country, in order that we may all live in peace and harmony.

The experience seemed very moving for many in our party, although on the whole, I would have said that most enjoyed the visit. I listened to our members' comments and reactions as they walked around and a thought crossed my mind, "Why couldn't our society have its own Eden Camp?" Memories could be preserved for posterity, family records and achievements could be archived for the future. Family photographs of wartime heroes and heroines, those who served for their country, no matter in what capacity or rank, could be shown and recorded on our own site.

I couldn't purchase a large enough area in Quinton on which to put 32 Nissen huts and our treasurer wasn't happy with the knowledge that the project in Malton had cost in excess of 250,000. So here is my idea for our Eden Camp. I have purchased a website entitled


The possibilities are endless and the cost will be kept at a minimum.

The site is up and running, and as you can see, it's growing quickly. You may say "Oh! I don't have access to the Internet". Well okay, when it's complete, or we have enough information, the project could be published in book form as well as on the Internet.

Dave Bradley, the society's military enthusiast, and Paul Baker, our website designer, are going be helping me develop this new project. But the site will only grow if you feed it with information. I already have some memories and a few photographs but I need more. So please get busy, sorting out those old wartime family snapshots. I can arrange to copy them if you are not able to get them done.

If you would like to help or be involved please click here to contact me, Bernard Taylor. Let's make this new project for Quinton something to be proud of.


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